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Your Goals

Will you be happy to be a good recreational player or are you competitive and want to compete on a high level? Maybe you have a college scholarship in mind or want to play golf for a living. From your own ideas as to what you would like to accomplish and take away from your golf instruction, we can get right to the heart of things. Whether you want to simply turn your slice into a draw, generate more power, stop power leaks, create more consistency, find the right grip for you, get on perfect plane, find your own style within fundamentals, learn short game techniques, or learn better course management and thinking on the golf course, I can help you with all of these or many things not mentioned here. Much of learning is applying the right knowledge. That is my job. The harder job is having the time and determination to implement the knowedge, your job with my help. A good instructor will evaluate your goals and give you the best programs for the time and effort you wish to put into achieving your goals. If you are serious about your golf, you need to find someone that knows enough to take you where you want to go in an efficient manner.

How do you know who is best for you?

Looking for a good golf instructor is a lot like looking for a good financial advisor, plumber, builder, or any professional person. If they are experienced, they will have a list of references and informational material regarding the degree and scope of their knowledge and work. If they are new, they would be best to associate themselves with an established reputable person who can provide references to their abilities.

Often, paying more for someone who is very good is indeed the lowest cost and best value in the long run. Although the fees may be higher for a better instructor, the quality of the information you receive which gives you the ability and avenue to progress to the level you are hoping to achieve in the most efficient time frame possible is most often the best value and most satisfying. Saving time is money. Securing knowledge is valuable. Better knowledge is more valuable. I will say with confidencence my instruction is of the highest quality. I make that statement because I have studied and know my peers by their products, their students and their writings projecting their philosophies. Sacrificing modesty for bluntness here, I believe myself to be one of the few very best in my field.

Ask Questions - Review References

Asking Questions is a good thing. Inquiring minds want to know. Make sure the instructor you choose can answer questions about his background and methods. The answers should make good sense to you. A good instructor will have a reputation and a list of references. A good instructor will understand simple and complex concepts and solutions. He or she will be able to relate to and use modern technology and terminology. He should be able to use video triangulation to interpret video, ball launch monitors to interpret fitting and performance, know proper equipment fitting techniques, be familiar with such things as frequency analyzers, shaft spining, and various equipment measurement and evaluation processes. A good instructor will be able to explain all facets of the game, the swing, how it works, the geometry, physics and kinesiology, the mental game, focus and concentration techniques. A good instructor will be able to integrate all this knowledge to produce results towards your goals. A good instructor will know about strategy on the course, and be a source of knowledge for many things golf related. Importantly, a good instructor will cater to your personal needs and style to give you what you want and need for the fee you are paying.

Finding a Great Instructor

Golf Instruction is available everywhere in all price ranges. There are many Instructors, from world renown to local professionals who charge varying fees for information and service. Unfortunately, much of it is probably not as accurate, applicable and insightful as it should be sometimes.  Fortunately, there are some very exceptional and very knowledgable golf teachers that charge reasonable amounts for their services. Your goal is to find one who communicates well with you and is the catalyst to accomplishing your goals.

Why Pay For the Best?

Being the best usually comes from much experience and knowledge. Integrating, conceptualizing and adapting this knowledge and experience to the student is a learned skill. Experience only comes with time. Time to test the practices that work and disregarding the information that proves to be less useful. Time to have gone through stages of experimenting and learning, combining new and old methods, and having seen thousands of individual students and their unique problems and styles. When you pay for the best you receive these skills plus integrity. The quality of instruction will of course be better. The results will come easier. This warrants paying for the best.

Take an Introductory Lesson

One sure way to evaluate for yourself how well the Instructor you choose will work for you is to take an 'Introductory Lesson'. You will quickly be able to tell how well the communication is between the two of you and if it looks like he will be able to take you where you want to go and accomplish your goals.

Learn in a Group

Much of golf can be effectively learned in a group setting, Because the basic fundamentals are needed and are the same for everyone, these can be learned in their broad sense in the company of a group. It is often more fun to learn these fundamentals as a group because of the social interaction. As you develop more personal style and needs, then comes the time to go to a one on one basis.