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Welcome to My Website....


This website will give you an idea of who I am, my background in golf and some of the ideas I believe will help people attain their golfing goals while better enjoying and understanding the game of golf! My philosophy on the golf swing is that a good golf swing is one that most frequently produces the shot a person wants to hit within each individuals ability. There are many variations on styles to accomplish this ideal. To produce best results, it is important all styles are rooted in fundamentals and their substance. The choices depend on the individual and are best chosen and understood with a knowledgeable instructor. Currently, I am finishing writing two books on understanding and learning golf. The titles of the two books are: 'The Style and Substance of Golf' and 'Golf With Video'. I hope to have these books finished by the end of 2018. Upon completion they will be available over the internet for those that are interested. 


I have been a Class A PGA professional for 25 years now! It has been my main focus to learn as much as I could about golf instruction for all levels of players, novice through tour professionals. During this time, I  traveled extensively to work and study with those who I think are some of the best teaching professionals in the world. In addition to this, I have visited tournaments like the Masters and US Open and obtained permission to set up my own video cameras at these sites to view and visit with the golf swings of the best players in the world. I am constantly reading new and classic material on teaching and understanding golf. I believe that by doing this, I expose myself to many different styles, techniques, and schools of thought from established teachers and do not limit my ideas to any one school of thought. Through many different eyes, I have developed a solid background for teaching the game. I have through these experiences acquired some definite preferences... with good reasons! After seeing many styles in action, I have sorted through the good and the not as good to bring my students the best of all the ideas! By having taught thousands of students and seen thousands of individual personal approaches to golf from my students, I have an immense and terrific data bank from which to draw upon. This translates into Effectively Helping You Achieve Your Goals! Feel free to drop me an email if you are interested in private instruction or have any questions. 



Over the last 25 years, I have been a Head Professional or Teaching Professional at both private and public golf clubs in Europe and America. I have concentrated specifically on teaching the latter part of my career. Some of my teaching experience includes being Director of Instruction at the Hyatt Tamaya Resort, teaching golfschools at PGA West, Pebble Beach, Roland Stafford Golf Schools, California Golf Schools, Santa Ana Golf Club and the highly regarded Atlanta Golf Center. I owned and operated my own golf laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I developed a 4 camera triangulated video system to measure and quantify golf movement. In Europe I taught at at Golf Club Hochstatt and Golf Club Feldafing, two of the oldest established clubs in Germany. In Graz, Austria, I was instrumental in starting a new golf club for the public. I am credited by the PGA of America for my contributions in writing the PGA of America Teaching Manual. I obatained a Masters Certification from The Golfing Machine and taught courses for their organization.
 My playing experience consists of playing collegiately and in professional events in local, national and international competitions. I also caddied at Pebble Beach for a couple of years and have been a paid rules official for the Pepsi Tour. Working with juniors has always been one of my favorite endeavors. I have worked for the First Tee program as well as running my own junior clinics and schools. This gives you an idea of the experience I can draw on to help you achieve your goals in golf.

Comments from some former students....

" What I know of fundamentals and teaching I learned through Jim and the principles underlying his teaching." A University Golf Coach and 4 Time Professional Player of the Year of the SCPGA. -

" I have been trying to get my game on track since playing in high school, and now I know what I need to work on, and what equipment is best for me."  A Two Time High School State Champion and State Amateur Champion -

"For me seeing is believing and now I see what is going on and what to work on and why."  A 5 Time Club Champion -

"These sound fundamentals can allow golfers of all calibers to experience and gain knowledge of what is right for them and their games."  An LPGA-PGA Head Professional Junior Award Leader.

Hands on help with your game...and a quote to ponder

As always, the best communication is one on one time with your coach.  Remember  " No amount of effort can substitute for technique. Just because you want golf to be simple doesn't make it so.... Ions of man hours are wasted trying to substitute effort for technique."   Feed your golf swing good information!  And, as far as experience is concerned, I would choose to have my body operated on by someone who has done thousands of them and has a background I can review, than by someone who is offering  that service for much less with little experience or reviewable background.

Email me at the following address for more information or to schedule a time. Enjoy your time on the golf course.  It is a high quality of life experience!

* Reach me at this email:   gojohnhenry@yahoo.com